The Sardinian Tradition

Timeless Jewelry from Sardinia

The jewel that reflects the sun of Sardegna.

Sardinian jewelry is characterised by its endless creativity, allowing to combine tradition together within a contemporary sense of aesthetics, in order to entise those that have the joy of beholding them.

The Sardinian Tradition

Through extensive and detailed manual labour, a proficient smith can create the customary, spiralshaped filigree jewel called “CROBIS. It represents the tradition of Sardinian agriculture and embodies the hopes of a bountiful harvest.

3er Set Scudo - Gioielli di Glauco Creazioni -
Set Scudo in Crobis-Technik

In the Phoenician-Punic period, a new technique called granulation processing was introduced, which Glauco Creazioni reflects in its modern collection “GRANUM“. This technique worked from small spheres which symbolize wheat grains, are a sign of prosperity and indissoluble love.

Offener Damenring in filigraner S-Form di Glauco Creazioni Silber
Damenring Sarda in Granum-Technik – Gioielli di Glauco Creazioni –

The Sardinian FILIGREE-technique requires an eye for detail, patience, a steady hand and a skilful hand. The filigree style of jewelry was introduced by the Etruscans

- Gioielli di Glauco Creazioni -
Damenring Fiore “Fede Sarda” in Filigran-Technik

Fede Sarda

There are a lot of legends regarding the Sardinian wedding ring.

One of the most well known legends claimed that fairies inhabited pre-nuragic Sardinia. These fairies – called “Janas” – posessed precious gems, the most delicate fabrics and utterly flawless jewels. Janas used these items to craft jewellery and clothing, which – as the legend goes – gave the wearer the protection of the fairies. It was therefore important for every man, that he first seeks protection from the Janas in the form of a ring, before he’ll ask the hand of a woman and swears his eternal love. The Janas gave the man a second ring as well, so at the moment the woman takes the oath to promise loyalty and love in good and in bad times, she will also be protected by the fairies.

The Jewellery from this myth symbolizes the power of artisanal craftsmanship and how the beauty of jewelry transcends into something metaphysical. The ring itselfs stands for commitment and fidelity. The detailed nature of the silver filigree stands for the work that it costs to maintain a good relationship. Both represent the protective power of the Jana, that watches over a wedding couple as long as they live and love.