What is filigree?

filigranar silberschmuck fede sarda schmuck
Offener, einreihiger Damenring im traditionellen Design di Glauco Creazioni.

What exactly is filigree jewelry?

Filigree (germ. “filigran”) is derrived from Latin and contains 2 worts, namely  filum (thread) and granum (corn). Filigree jewelry is made by a technique, where a smith pulls tiny threads from gold and silver to create shaped for ornaments. Another filigree technique uses little pearls to decorate (ear)rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces. Jewelry that is made through this ancient method are still popular up to this day.

How is filigree jewelry made?

We’ve made a page regarding the various filigree techniques that is used by Sardinian jewellers. If you want to experience more about the granulation -, thread-pulling – and filigree methods, then please click here to be redirected to our “how is it made”-page.