Ladies’ Ring Piazza


The word comes from the latin words Filum and Granum. This type of jewelry production knows a rich tradition and is until this day still made through manual labour.

Open circle ladies’ ring in a modern design
Diameter: ca. 2,5cm
Material: 800/- Silver

It is possible to adjust the size of the ring.

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True passion for the oldest tradition of the Sardinian filigree jewelery, combined with an unwavering commitment, can guarantee an extraordinary result in a product like our “Ladies’ Ring Piazza”. Looking back to the Sardinian tradition, Glauco Creazioni combined old practice with modern materials for the processing of its products. This makes them not only elegant but authentic as well.

In Phoenician-Punic period, a new technique called granulation was introduced, which Glauco Creazioni reflects in its modern collection „GRANUM„. This technique works with small spheres, which symbolize wheat grains. These are a sign of prosperity and unconditional love.

This item is perfect for any woman who wants to wear elegant jewelry without having to spend a fortune. A jewel of exceptional quality which carries the history and traditions of Sardinia in itself.

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