Damenring Grande Elisse


The elegant and refined ring is unique and authentic.
Open circle ladies’ ring in a traditional, sardinian design
Height: ca. 2cm
Material: 800/- Silver
Ringsize: ca. 60 –> expandable

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Only true passion for the oldest tradition of the Sardinian filigree jewelery, combined with an unwavering commitment, can guarantee such a extraordinary result like Glauco jewelry. Looking to the past and the resulting tradition Glauco Creazioni combined techniques and modern materials for processing of its products and makes them thus not only elegant but be unique especially. Shines also, with a wonderful piece of jewelery from the beautiful Sardinia.

All our jewelery is made from 800 / silver.

We offer rings, bracelets, earrings and  necklaces of exceptional quality, which carry the history and traditions of Sardinia in itself.

In Phoenician-Punic period, a new technique called granulation was introduced, which Glauco Creazioni reflects in its modern collection „GRANUM„. This technique works with small spheres, which symbolize wheat grains. These are a sign of prosperity and unconditional love.

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